How to Create App From website without any coding knowledge
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How to create app from website without any coding knowledge

In today’s industry, standing in the current trend and knowing the demand of the users are critical. When a company interacts with the user via the best channel to reach them, it can give the best service to them. Many businesses understood this. And also began to develop apps from their websites. You don’t need any coding skills to make an app from your website. Here’s a quick way to create app from website. It let you stay up to date with the latest technologies. Also, there are certain advantages to turning a website into a mobile app.

To turn the website into a fully functional mobile app. Programming knowledge isn’t required. There are lots of app creators available. It turns your website into an app by simply providing the URL of your website. Freeweb2app is the online app maker. It makes your mobile app with all of the necessary functionality. It is simple to use.

Freeweb2app uses the rapid app development technique, which means the mobile app will be built with no additional effort, no coding skills, and no additional cost or time. It performs the functions of a professional app developer. And also, can easily creates an app from a website.

The functionality of the smartphone app generated utilizing Freeweb2app

Push Notification – By utilizing the push notification function, you may send a notification to your customer about your company promotions.

Splash Screen – It is the first screen that appears when a user taps your app.

Using Google Analytics – This feature allows you to learn about the analytics of your smartphone app.

Integration with Google Admob – By activating this functionality, you may earn money by displaying Google advertising on your app.

The Advantages of Creating App from a Website

  • The Mobile Apps may offer a great user experience than the website.
  • Utilizing the push notification function on the mobile app, the organization can build user satisfaction compared to the website.
  • The smartphone app maybe use offline.
  • It assists in the development of brand recognition among your loyal consumers.
  • You may also benefit from the mobile app by allowing the ad function.
  • A good application may boost your business’s user engagement.
  • It also facilitates communication between the company and the client.

The benefits of making a mobile app for your business are listed above.


Freeweb2app allows you to create the app from website without programming. Also, it will not require you to code your app. It also turns websites into mobile applications rapidly and effortlessly. Freeweb2app is a platform that builds mobile apps for both Android and iOS. As a result, you can use freeweb2app to design mobile apps that are up to date. And your business can stand out from the crowd.


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