Great Platform to convert website to android app
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Great Platform to Convert Website to Android App

Smartphones and mobile applications have spread around the world. A large number of People use smartphone applications for the majority of their day-to-day activities. A few years ago, companies began to use websites to attract clients via digital platforms. But Now, businesses began using the World Wide Web some years ago to reach customers via digital media. Mobile phones have already established the internet in the hands of the people. That transformation is observed by the entrepreneurs. And they are endeavoring to stay competitive in the industry by turning website to mobile apps. In this section, we will discuss the necessities for mobile apps. Also a simple method for convert website to Android App &iOS app.

Why is it an Android app?

Best User Interface

All control components, such as keys and finger click links, are more convenient for the customers. Each os has its unique way of switching between screens in mobile applications.

Enhanced Personalization

Mobile applications provide a customized experience to customers. All user data are saved in mobile apps. Also, the functionality may be altered in response to user demands.

Uses All Android Mobile Capabilities

Android applications have a lot of information on their users. In addition, the user experience is a major factor in the growth of Android Apps.

User Communication through Mobile App

When a company utilizes the mobile phone app, it has the option of enabling the push notification function. Push notifications enable the user to send notifications directly from the mobile app.


how to convert website to android app

How to Convert a Website to an Android App

If your company has not yet developed a mobile app. There are two methods for converting your website to a mobile app. One option is to hire a mobile app developer and create a new mobile application from scratch. Another alternative is to use an online web to app converter. As a result, using an online software converter saves time and money. When compared to building the app from the ground up.

Using the online converter, you can now convert your website to an Android app. Consider how a mobile app may assist your company’s growth. And give your customers a user-friendly experience. Then, select an online website to app converter, Freeweb2app. Here are the steps to turn website into an android app using Freeweb2app.

Simple Steps To Convert Website to android app

Go To

Go To freeweb2app

Choose Create App Select Android

Select Android App

Fill The Given Details:


Fill The Given Details

Choose Additional FeaturesLike Splash screen, Push Notifications, Google Admob, Google Analytics

Additional Features



After Complete The Payment Your App Will Be Sent To Your Given Mail ID Within A Day.

Freeweb2app is an online converter that turns any type of company website into mobile applications, such as an eCommerce website or a service provider website. You may turn your website to an app by simply inputting your website URL. It is also not necessary to have coding experience to convert a website to a mobile app. Freeweb2app is the greatest web2apk builder, which also assists in the huge success of your business. Furthermore, it quickly generates attractive mobile applications from your existing website..


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