How to Create App From website without any coding knowledge
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How to create app from website without any coding knowledge

Nowadays, In the business to be in the current trend and understanding the customer’s needs is most important. The business can provide the best service to its customers when it connects with the user via the exact channel to reach them. Many businesses realized this and started to create app from website. To create app from your website you don’t need any coding knowledge.

Here, a small guide to create app from website to be in the current technology trend. And some benefits switching from website to mobile app.

To convert the website into a fully functioning mobile application. It is not necessary to have programming skills. There are app builders available to convert website to app by just giving your website URL. Freeweb2app is the online app builder. It creates your mobile app with all the essential features. It is extremely user friendly.

Freeweb2app works on the Rapid App Development approach, so the app will be created with no extra effort, zero coding knowledge, and without spending more money and time. It does the work of the professional app developer and create app from website seamlessly.

Features of the mobile application created using Freeweb2app

Push Notification – Using the push notification feature you can be sent the notification about your business updates to your user as the notification.
Splash Screen – It is the initial screen that displays when the user opens your application.
Google Analytics – This feature helps to know the insights of your mobile app.
Google Admob Integration – By enabling this feature you can earn money by displaying Google ads on your app.

Benefits of Creating App from Website

  • The Mobile Application can provide a better user experience than the website.
  • Using the push notification feature on the mobile app, the business can create user engagement comparing to the mobile application.
  • The mobile app has offline working capability.
  • It helps to create brand awareness among your engaged customers.
  • By enabling the ad feature you can also earn profit from the mobile app.
  • Good Mobile application helps to increase the conversion rate to your business.
  • It makes communication between the business and the customer easy.

The above are some of the advantages of creating a mobile app from the business.

Bottom line

Freeweb2app lets you create app from website without the coding. It won’t ask you to code your mobile application. It converts website to mobile app instantly without any effort. Freeweb2app creates mobile app for both Android and iOS. Create your mobile apps using freeweb2app to have been in the recent trend, and distinctive among your competitors.

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