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Best Online iOS App Maker without Coding For Building iPhone App

Smartphones and applications play an important role in everyone’s daily lives in today’s technological environment. The majority of the people in the world use two major platforms like Android and iOS. Developing an iOS app for your firm can enable you to achieve a large audience. Yet, if you’re not an app developer and don’t know anything about app development, then how do you make an app? In general, there are two options for creating an iOS app. The first is to hire an iOS app developer to construct your app. However, if you have a tiny firm with a limited budget, you may utilize the iOS app maker without coding. Without any prior coding skills, the iOS maker will assist you in converting your existing website into an iOS app.

Freeweb2app is an online platform that makes apps from your website simple. You may also gain a lot of advantages by using the online app builder, such as.


Features and Benefits of iOS App Maker Without Coding - Freeweb2app


The Advantages and Functionality of iOS App Maker Without Coding


  • No programming skills are needed to turn a website to an iPhone app.
  • Less costly than employing a development staff.
  • You will get your iOS app in a day using the iOS app maker without coding.

Creating Steps:

  • Choose your app Android, iOS, or Both.
  • Enter app name, website URL, email &icon
  • Describe your app
  • If you want any additional features, select them ( separate charges )
  • Click add to cart it redirects to the payment page
  • After completing the payment, your application creation will begin
  • You will receive your application to your given mail id within a day. 


  • Push Notification – This feature allows you to provide business upgrades to your audience.
  • Google Admob – This allows you to monetize your app by enabling advertisements on your app.
  • Google Analytics – Analyze your app statistics and user activity.
  • Splash Screen – It helps to attract more users by displaying an attractive splash screen when your application is loaded.

It used to be difficult and time-consuming to build an app from the bottom up. Moreover, coding skills are needed to build an iOS app. Thus, the iOS App Maker without coding has made it feasible for even non-coders also to develop an app without knowing any code.


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