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Turn website into app Instantly

If you want to know how to turn website into app, this article will show you how to rapidly convert your existing website into a mobile application. Converting your website into a mobile app is no longer a difficult procedure.

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Why should you use Freeweb2app?

Freeweb2app is an online web2apk builder that allows you to convert your website into an app for both Android and iOS. Here are some of the reasons why you should use freeweb2app to turn your website into a mobile app.

  • By just providing your URL and a few other information, your mobile app will be complete in a day.
  • The push notification option informs your consumers about special offers and discounts for your products or services.
  • No technical knowledge is necessary to convert a website into an app.
  • Enabling the Google Admob Feature allows you to generate money from your app.
  • When compared to other online apk conversion tools, Freeweb2app turns your website into a mobile application for any type of business at an affordable price.
  • You can learn about your consumers and their activity on your app by using Google Analytics.


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How to turn website into app

There are several online app builders available on the market. However, just a few of them are providing high-quality apps. Freeweb2app is one of the greatest web2apk builders available online, here you can turn website into app (Android and iOS). The apps converted by freeweb2app include all of the essential features and functionality. It enables entrepreneurs to create their own company mobile application, which greatly assists in the development of their company.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to convert your existing website to a mobile application quickly, freeweb2app is the right platform for you.

The following are the primary benefits of mobile apps:


Apps are convenient since they load faster and are easier to use. They also have the features like push notifications, access to cameras, numerous sensors, and so on. The design is more adaptable to different screen sizes.


Mobile applications are ideal for services that require frequent use. They enable users to create personal accounts and save crucial information.

Offline functionality.

Since apps must be installed, they can give access to their features and information even when there is no internet connection.


Because websites have become necessary. We receive a lot of inquiries from potential customers about how to convert their websites into mobile applications. According to the stats on mobile usage, many new company owners grew up with the internet as an accessory and the thought of being on people’s phones feels only natural to them. It is also normal for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses through applications to get more consumers.

Freeweb2app makes it so easy that’s all you’ve to do now is concentrate on selecting the features that will set your app apart from the competition. Using Freeweb2app to create a mobile application for your business is the greatest method to succeed in a competitive industry.


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