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Turn your Wix site to mobile app

Convert your Wix site to mobile app for both Google Play and the Apple App Store!

Apps use your Wix website to create a staggering app, so you can better engage your customers with extraordinary user-experience, push notifications just as other native functionality.

Build your app for free. Upgrade to distribute your very own branded app in the application stores!

  • Create your app in a few simple steps
  • Full intelligent preview of your application
  • A developing list of powerful features
  • Users can call, email and find you in a tap
  • Changes on your site automatically refreshed in your application
  • Your branding. Not our own.

Turn your Wix site to a mobile app delivered through the web. No requirement for your users to download it from an app store! Send push notifications directly to your users’ mobiles and effectively share your app through email, SMS and social channels. The app consequently stays refreshed to demonstrate the most recent version of your site.

  • Effectively turn your site into a feature-filled application
  • Share via email, SMS and social channels
  • Send unlimited push notifications to users
  • Access and offer analytics

What are the benefits of converting websites into mobile apps?

In this digitally advanced period, only being available online can’t help you to lead the race. You need to go the app approach to achieve more customers and make your business a major achievement. So, if you own a business website, and are still considering creating an app. So you are missing out on various great opportunities for your business with consistently. With a mobile app, you can make your products and services available to the customers directly readily available and develop your business drastically.

Talked about below are some reasons to convert your business Wix site to a mobile app.

Upgraded Personalization

Mobile apps offer improved personalization by serving users with customized content, based on their preferences. A mobile app likewise analyzes user behavior and commitment, making recommendations, and updates dependent on it. What’s more, apps additionally have the ability to track a user’s location and give geography-specific content.

Offline Capabilities

Although mobile apps need an internet connection to perform the majority of their activities. So they likewise have the capacity to offer basic content and functionality to app users even in the offline mode. Empowering the users to get to the app content in offline mode. So you can help keep up their interest and build up a long-term relationship with them.

Works quicker

A mobile app works a lot quicker than a website. As it uses the preferences set by the users to take proactive activities on their benefit. Besides, a Wix site to the mobile app also locally stores the information in the mobile device, making it simple to retrieve information and deliver improved user experience. If you have a mobile website and think you needn’t bother with a mobile app, reconsider! Mobile websites use JavaScript code to perform most of their capacities. While the framework that mobile apps use for activities is quicker than JavaScript.

Improved Visibility

According to the most recent reports, an average user spends at least two hours per day on apps. Because they’ve introduced on their devices. Which is much more than they do on websites. This ordinary encounter can demonstrate to be helpful for businesses in improving their visibility through apps. In addition, a mobile app additionally helps impact the users’ impression of a brand by furnishing them with all the essential content directly at their fingertips.

Standard Connectivity

With a mobile app directly in the hearts and pockets of the customers. So you can stay associated with them every minute of every day, from anywhere. And through any device, which is difficult to achieve through only a website. The capacity to send instant notifications, one-tap access to business contacts. And numerous other innovative features are the reasons why organizations worldwide are joining the app temporary fad.

There are a great many app builders that allow business owners to convert their website into a mobile app. Unfortunately, just a few of them are proficient to meet the client’s expectations completely. Be that as it may, with regards to #1 app builder, things are different from the ordinary. Supported by next-generation capacities, freeweb2app takes app development to the following level by providing users. With the majority of the necessary features and functionalities. At that point, they require while changing over their Wix site to a mobile app. Additionally, the invaluable assistance and round the clock support that this renowned app creator. So, that offers for the apps created on its platform likewise assists entrepreneurs in delivering the improved user experience.

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