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Four Hidden Website To App Features That Will Make Your Business Growth

The development of mobile phones changed the society we live in today. There are millions of apps available for online purchases including purchasing clothes, accessories, and other items. And that’s why mobile app development is important to your organization’s growth. Businesses that have a website may also use internet tools to convert website to app.

Moreover, the application provides several advantages.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about how mobile applications might aid in the growth of your company. You may develop a mobile application to boost conversions for your business. The app would consequently generate significantly more conversions, which would be highly beneficial to a company’s growth. Furthermore, the software with the following characteristics will assist your organization in growing to the next level.


List of Feature Included When Converting The Website To App - Freeweb2app


List of Factors Included While Converting The Website to App

Google Admob:

Google AdMob makes it easier for developers to monetize mobile apps by providing high-quality adverts. AdMob maximizes the value of each impression by combining global advertiser demand, inventive ad formats, and revolutionary app monetization technology.

Displaying advertisements to app users allows you to produce a continuous stream of revenue to help your business expand while you focus on developing and maintaining high-quality apps. Ads may reach out to new consumers, and visitors may become aware of new products and services.

Ads are generated and paid for by marketers that want to market their products or services to app users. AdMob works with advertisers that pay to display advertisements that are relevant to your customers once you have allocated space for them in your application.

Analytics on Google

Google Analytics is a website monitoring tool and platform that collects data on how visitors interact with your site. After collecting the data, Google Analytics aggregates it into simple visual graphs that are shown on the site.

  • Determine how many people are presently accessing your website.
  • Find out what your target audience prefers
  • The platforms with the highest traffic.

With this functionality, you may monitor your company users’ activity and learn about their needs while converting a website to app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-up alerts that appear on your consumers’ mobile screens regardless of whether they are using a smartphone or a browser. They give a quick line of communication for organizations to communicate messages, offers, and other information to their subscribers.

Why Use Push Notifications and Their Usefulness?

Push notifications are used for the following purposes.

  • Send announcements and deals to your clients Immediately.
  • Can deliver better customer service
  • Raising Brand Awareness

Adding a push notification feature to your mobile applications will enhance user experience and drive more customers to your business, among other advantages.

Some of the advantages of push notifications are as follows:

  • A Rise in User Engagement
  • Boost the growth rates of your sales.
  • Cost-Effective

Splash Screen

The splash screen is the initial graphical representation you see when you start an app. These can be displayed as the first screen of an application. It also signifies you have to wait a few seconds before accessing the main interface of the application. Splash screens are usually full-screen, taking up the whole display. It is used to force users to check in before using the app or site, as a form of advertising, and to allow users to choose their local language or lower bandwidth versions of the app/site. Each best application has a splash screen that offers it a unique personality. Simply said, the splash screen creates the initial impression.

These are the capabilities you’ll receive when utilizing Freeweb2app to convert your website to app. Freeweb2app is a platform that allows you to convert your existing website into a smartphone app in a small amount of time and cost. It is one of the most effective methods for creating a professional mobile application.


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