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Four Hidden Website To App Features That Will Make Your Business Growth

Today’s world has been transformed by the invention of mobile phones. There are millions of applications accessible for online purchases, such as ordering clothes, accessories, and other things. This is why mobile app development is critical to the success of your company. Businesses with the website can also convert website to app with the help of online tools.

Also, the app offers many benefits.

If you’re still wondering how mobile applications might help your business expand, then keep reading. You may create a mobile app to increase conversions for your company. The app would eventually help generate more conversions, which would be extremely beneficial to growing a business. Also, the app with the below features will help your business to grow your business to the next level.

List of Feature Included When Converting The Website To App - Freeweb2app

List of Features Included When Converting The Website to App

Google Admob:

Google AdMob simplifies the process of monetizing mobile apps with high-quality advertisements for developers. AdMob increases the value of every impression by combining global advertiser demand, creative ad formats, and innovative app monetizing technologies.

Displaying ads to app users enables you to generate a consistent stream of money to help your business grow while you focus on creating and maintaining high-quality apps. Advertisers may reach out to new customers, and users can learn about new products and services.

Advertisers that wish to promote their products or services to app users generate and pay for ads. AdMob works with advertisers that pay to show advertisements that are relevant to your consumers once you allocate space for them in your app.

Analytics on Google

Google Analytics is a website monitoring tool and platform that gathers information about how visitors engage with your website. Once the data is collected, Google Analytics organizes it into easy-to-read visual graphs, which are shown on the platform.

  • Check to see how many people are now visiting your website.
  • Determine your target viewer’s interests.
  • The platforms that generate the most traffic.

Having this feature when converting website to app, you can monitor your business user’s activities and know your users’ needs.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-up notifications that flash on the mobile screens of your users despite their smartphone or browser. They provide a fast communication route for businesses to deliver messages, offers, and other details to their users.

Why Use Push Notifications and Their Advantages?

The following are the reasons why push notifications are utilized.

  • Immediately send promotions and offers to your clients.
  • Can provide better client service
  • Increase Brand Awareness

Implementing a push notification option on your company’s mobile applications has various benefits, including improved user experience and increased traffic to the company.

Here are some of the benefits of push notifications:

  • User Engagement Has Increased
  • Increase your sales growth rates.
  • Cost-Effective

Splash Screen

When you open an app, the splash screen is the first graphical indication you see. These can show as an application’s initial screen. It also indicates that you must wait a few seconds before reaching the application’s main interface. Splash screens are often full-screen, covering the entire screen. It is used to require visitors to log in before they can use the app or site, as a form of advertising, and to let visitors select their native language or a lower bandwidth version of the app/site. Every excellent app has a splash screen that gives it a distinct personality. In a nutshell, the splash screen is the first impression maker.

The above are the features you can get while converting your website to app using Freeweb2app. Freeweb2app is the platform, where you can turn your existing website into a mobile application with less time and money. It is one of the best ways for building your business mobile application.


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