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How To Turn Website to App Easily With No Coding Knowledge

Mobile apps for the business became the essential factor to run the business successfully. Having the mobile app has more benefits for the business than the website. But building the mobile app may require more time and money. To have a mobile app for your business, you can simply turn website to app which is an affordable and less time-consuming solution. And it is now possible to turn the website into an app without the coding knowledge with the online web to app converters like Freeweb2app.

To Turn Website to App, there are plenty of platforms and online tools are available online. But the mobile app’s quality and the service offers by the online app converters are more significant. Freeweb2app is one of the best web to app converter. Some benefits of converting website to mobile application using freeweb2app

  • By submitting the Website (URL) and a few other details of your application like app name, logo, the description is enough to build the app.
  • The push notification feature helps the customers to get the notification about your deals for products or services.
  • No Coding skill to need to turn the site into an app.
  • Enabling the Google Admob feature helps you to make a profit from your app.
  • Google Analytics lets you know your clients and their activities.

Steps to Turn Website to App Using Freeweb2app


Steps to Turn Website to App Using Freeweb2app

  • To convert your website to a mobile application Go to Website
  • On the Homepage Insert the URL for the site you need to convert into mobile App.
  • Click the Convert Now button.
  • Then you will direct to the App Application Form
  • On that tab, you’ll need to fill in the details of the mobile app that includes, such as App Name, Icon, Description, and email address, and then choose the features of your app.
  • The payment process is the next step. After the payment phase is done, the development of the mobile app will begin.
  • After the development of the mobile app is completed, then it will be sent to your given mail address.

Freeweb2app makes the website-to-app conversion process seamless. When you are using the best web to app converter like Freeweb2app, it won’t require a long effort to turn website to app. And It is also converting website into Android and iOS Mobile Apps.

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