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How to develop android app without coding?

Freeweb2app is a unique Mobile Application Development platform. So it gives an extensive list of features, past your expectation. Which is easy to use and doesn’t require technical knowledge. The magnificence of the platform is, there is no coding, only drag-and-drop. So being a full-grown person, play with our platform and develop an android app.

Freeweb2app has adopted the Rapid App Development approach making it conceivable to develop android apps rapidly and easily. Within no time, with little knowledge, you can replace an accomplished developer and make your own application.

develop android app

Features: Develop android app

Though this platform is a gathering of bunches of features. Which one can utilize readily and easily, below are few featured highlights:

Simultaneous Development

Why settle for less when you can have both iOS and Android applications developed at the same time. No additional efforts are required, simply choose the platform. Because which you need to develop an android app at the initial stage. And rest will be taken care of consequently. Many app competitors consider this feature as the most attractive one on effective submission of both the app. So the user has opportunities to generate revenue from both sources.

100% Native Apps

Using our platform – Freeweb2app – users can create 100% Native apps. As you know pure native apps provide incomparable performance and user experience. So we encourage the equivalent by utilizing 100% Swift and Java Code instead of HTML 5, Wrappers, Javascript, or c#.

Source Code with User

We understand the value of intelligent property rights and efforts. So just as a money user, puts in the best free mobile app builder. Consequently, we give 100% source code of the app and backend to the user. Android development without coding enables the user to do facilitate customization on his own or sell the app. Whatever you desire to do, the decision is yours!

Launch in your space

The user has full authority over the conveyance of the convert website to an android app. As there is a variety of app builders for ios app distribution methods accessible in the market. And the user can utilize the one which is more reasonable and effective according to his decision.

Altered Solutions

In contrast to other people, we strive to give you altered arrangements. We have plenty of templates to browse if you wish to use them. However, we highly prescribe building your own unique app by turning your thought and creative mind into reality. Free app builder will give it an exclusive look and will help it stand out from the rest in the App Store.


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