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How to convert website to mobile apps for Android,iOS

How to convert website to mobile apps

The greatest difference between a desktop computer and a mobile device is screen size. To convert website to mobile apps you need to change how the website looks on small screen sizes. So you need to trim some content, by appearing to your mobile clients only the most important parts of the website. You also need to make your images smaller in order to grow the speed of your website (since a lot of mobile phones do not always have a quick internet connection).

You can pick one of two different approaches to convert a website to mobile Android and iPhone app


Start with a responsive layout design. Use the difference in your existing site to help different screen sizes, smaller images, and show some content. The website will “change” its look depending on the size of the screen that it’s currently viewed on.

Make a different website specifically for mobile users. This is an entirely separate website and users redirect to it if they are using a mobile device.


how to convert website to mobile apps

how to convert website to mobile apps

What’s the reason for this new feature?


Businesses with a website can now be able to reuse their current website content without any design or programming work. You can use this page as a quick independent app, connecting with people through their mobile phones. And it allowing them a chance to understand what your business is all about.

This would work especially well for companies who use the website to share deals. You can market the app as a way for people to get exclusive deals. And they can access it on their computers or phones.

Another approach to use the website into an app converter feature is to associate it to your present business mobile app. suppose you have a band, and your website connects to your current app. your website mobile optimized or responsive design. Most websites are still very often a bit clunky in terms of being mobile-friendly and responsive design, so this allows you a chance to create a smooth, user-friendly mobile version of your website.

To get started Converting Website to Android and iOS Mobile App go here.

Once you did Convert Your Website Into a Mobile App for iOS and Android. And you have all the options that come along with creating a mobile app from scratch on FreeWeb2App. You can select a background to make it look more branded, deal with the navigation to remove items. And you don’t use on your Facebook page and edit your logo for further marking abilities.


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