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How to convert website to android app online?

Converting the website to Android app online is one of the greatest ideas to make your business to broader users. All business requires a mobile app to reach their new customers and stay connected with their existing customers. Before, every business owners want to build a website for their business. But now the demand has been changed to mobile apps. Offering your business by the mobile app values more than the website. There are some great online app builders available such as freeweb2app, web2appz. These app makers can easily build an Android app for your website which can be used by smartphone users.

Reasons to convert website to Android app online

Reason to convert website to android app-freeweb2app

Reaches wide customers

The major reason for converting website to android app is, that the android users are higher than other operating system users. So, it can help to reach a wide range of customers around the world.

Extended Customization

Being an open-source platform, Android provides a variety of customization benefits. Using the android app the business owner has no limitations to combine third-party plug-ins or APIs in your app. So you can customize your mobile app according to your requirements.

Fast to Deploy

Comparing to the iOS apps, the android apps are easy and fast to deploy on the play store. Normally, iOS apps take more than a week to deploy, but the android app deployment process will be completed within a day. And your mobile app will be ready for your customers to download.


The above reasons will help to realize the importance of the business android app. Freeweb2app is one of the great platforms which helps to convert website to android app online. It needs only the website URL to convert website to android app online. To convert your website to mobile app, web2appz doesn’t require coding knowledge.


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