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Guide On How to Convert Website into apk

In today‚Äôs Smartphone related world each company needs a mobile application for products & services to reach and gain more people. Even desktop users also prefer a native app over depending on a website for their extended task. Because native apps are favored over websites. So no one likes to open and switch tabs on the browser.If you’re thinking about why you should convert website into APK or how to make it, here is the place to be. You’ve arrived at the proper location. keep reading this blog because if you own a website.

How to Convert Website Into Apk - Freeweb2app

How to Convert Website into Apk

Most of us may believe that continuing to use the website is all that is required to be online. This is mostly due to not realizing the true benefits of creating an App. Let us explain in detail what you should receive after converting your website to APK.

The app is far more appealing than a webpage. But it requires more time and money.

When you think about app development, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of producing the app. If you want a native app for your app, it will cost you some money because native applications are the best at giving excellent performance and have a very high standard.

The introduction of a mobile application is a critical stage in the process of boosting any brand’s image. This boosts brand awareness and stability in the views of customers since it is an implicit indication that the brand is successful on the market and that the owners are willing to invest large sums in its continued growth. As a result, web apps are progressively losing importance, and their release is no longer associated with anything quite as significant.

In this section, you will be able to learn how to convert a website into an App by simply following a few basic steps. Freeweb2app offers a website to app builder. It is a code-free solution for converting your existing website into apk in a day. This online platform is useful for developing applications from the website for growing enterprises and consumers at an affordable cost.

Freeweb2app allows you complete control over the development of your website into an app. The app builder allows you to change the app’s icon and name. You may also include a splash screen, commonly known as a splash screen, in your program.

Steps to Convert Website to App

  • Enter your current website URL
  • Choose the platform as Android
  • Provide your app details such as name, icon, mail id
  • Select the features needed for your mobile app
  • Complete the payment process
  • Get your apk in your given mail id


Freeweb2app also includes features like push notification, splash, screen, Google Admob, Google Analytic to your mobile app. In simple steps, you can create an apk from your website. Freeweb2app is a simple solution for turning websites into Android app. Your app will be created in a single day.


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