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Beginner’s Guide to Create Android App From Website Using Online App Converter

For the past recent years, the growth of smartphones is enormous. Also, it changed the application development market entirely. Nowadays most people choose to use mobile apps over the website. Providing a quality mobile experience has therefore become of greater significance for companies. Most businesses usually create a responsive website to have a similar user experience over mobile phones. But the web apps can’t provide the user experience comparing to mobile app. Also, the Android apps enable you to more easily offer your services with an improved user experience. So if you have a good website then, you can easily create android app from website with the help of an online website to a mobile app converter.


How to Create Android App From Website - freeweb2app


How to Create Android App from Website

However, if you run your business with a website there are many resources, that allow you to create Android applications from the website. Freeweb2app is the online app builder; it helps you to convert your website to android app quickly. Here the process involves building an android app that links to your website.

With Freeweb2app the process of converting a website to an android app is quite simple and fast. You can create Android app from website by merely entering the website URL. In the Freeweb2app website click create an app in the drop-down menu click android. Then just fill in the needed information on the application form page, such as website URL, Logo, Description, and your email id.

The Freeweb2app has the feature list which comes with your android app. With the features, you can able to send push notifications to your mobile app users, know the app downloads and user activities using Google analytics. Also, you can earn from your app using the in-app advertising by enabling the Google Admob Feature.

After selecting the features and completing the payment process. Then your app conversion process will be started. And your app is ready to launch on the play store within a day.


In the years ahead, smartphones will be the first choice of users to access the internet, purchase goods/service. So, you can create an android app from the website using the best website to mobile app converter Freeweb2app to give your audience a better mobile experience.

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