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Welcome to Pioneer Auctions, United Arab Emirate’s Leading Auction House. Operating for many years in Dubai, we are today recognised by our customers for providing outstanding customer service and delivering on our promise of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

With our local and international buyer databases, Pioneer Auctions brings more buyers and sellers together. Whether Construction Equipment, Building Materials, Marine Craft and Yachts, Cars, Vans, SUVs, Motor Cycles or Busses and Trucks, Pioneer Auction’s ability to deliver tailored Auction Services for our customers gives us the competitive edge.

Pioneer Auctions delivers complete comprehensive solutions which is making Auctioneering more profitable and successful for all our customers, with physical auctions, Live online bidding, Internet bidding, logistics services, preparation of auction items and much more.

Pioneer Auctions is much more than just an auction house. The company pioneered in the United Arab Emirates live auctions broadcast over the internet. In Dubai alone the company sells more than 5000 vehicles every year. Pioneer Auctions provides tailored document management/registration, Storage and Auction Management services to Major Institutions in the UAE including most major finance institutions and banks.

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