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10 Most Essential Android Apps For Business in 2020

In the ever-expanding reach of the internet world with the rise of technology, every business finds it extremely difficult to address their users’ complaints in real-time and meet their magnificent expectations. And to do the business activities seamlessly. There are several business Android apps for business, are available on the play store, using the Android Apps, your business activities can be simplified and organized. Here are the ten essential Android apps for your business to function efficiently.

List Of Best Android Apps For Business-freeweb2app

List of Best Android Apps for Business



Skype is one of the best Android apps for business which lets you stay connected with your employees and as well as clients. You can also use it on your desktops. With skype you can arrange meetings with your employees; it has the options for video/audio calls and chats. And even you can share your files easily through skype.




Freeweb2app is a mobile application conversion app. Also, it helps to convert your website into a mobile application quickly and easily. It converts the website to both Android and iOS mobile applications at a reasonable price.




Evernote is an excellent tool for taking notes. It allows the users to easily save the web content from their chrome browser into the Evernote notebooks. Also, it lets you take screenshots and save the PDF.




Trello is a complete web-based project management application. It will help to organize the projects and allows collaborating with the team or individual. Also using Trello, you can track the development process or the task assigned to the teammates. Some of the features of Trello are Information at a glance; work with any team, a productive platform, always being in sync.



Slack is a team chat service that helps to interact with one another. Also, this app offers a free service to an infinite number of users and can be of great benefit to any company irrespective of size. The admins are able to create multiple channels for different topics. And also it helps for uploading any file format which allows for easy file transfer to other employees.




CamScanner is the best document scanner app for Android. You use the CamScanner app to scan your documents
and convert them to PDF format. You can also able to send the scanned document through email or directly you can save it to your mobile.



Linked In

As an entrepreneur, it is important to be active on Linked In. The Linked In Android App for Business creates the best way to connect with the business people, creating brand awareness. Also, it helps to recruit the employees for your company.



Base Camp

Basecamp is a project management app that enables project managers to assign or manage tasks to other employees. And, also this app assists in team coordination handle workflows and ensure that everyone is working on what they’re required to be focused on. With the help of the Basecamp Android App for Business, the entrepreneurs are able to analyze team-wise data and individually measure the productivity of their employees.




IFTTT- If This Then That, is a web service. The IFTTT can able to connect more apps and other services. It is the best app for the business to do business automation easily.



Google Drive

Google Drive is a platform for cloud-based computing. It does provide about 15 GB of free storage and additional space for a minimal charge. The Google Drive mobile app allows for real-time communication from different locations, quick file sharing, and efficient business file management. And allows you to use Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Keep, and Google Photos.



These are some essential android apps for business, which will help entrepreneurs to run their businesses smoothly.

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